This year, Rick will be racing in the CSCC New Millenium Cup sharing a BMW M3 Evo E36 with Lee Spencer. The New Millenium series is designed for post year 2000 production based cars (and their racing variants) and for cars that are deemed to be “in the spirit of the regulations”, for example older cars running non standard aero or sequential gearboxes

Watch this space for all the latest news and results on Ricks racing season

Charity Football

In 2015 Rick played a Charity Football Match at Carrow Road, Norwich…. The Charities being supported were The Craig Bellamy Foundation and The Peoples Tree

In 2016 Rick was back at Carrow Road, Norwich and also had a second game at Molineux, Wolves…. The Charities being supported were Little Daisy Mae, Ethan Rees Linwood Memorial Fund and Alzheimer’s Society

A lot of money has been raised and Rick is very proud to be part of a Fantastic group helping all these Charities, Well Done to everyone involved

For more information on these Charities please see their webpages